Walter Garcia

Walter has over 20 years of call center knowledge and experience, starting with cold calling for home delivery of the New York Daily News and a Stock firm on Wall St, then moving on to Mortgages, Merchant Services, Medical, and a Finance firm. Over the years, he has fulfilled roles as team lead, supervisor, manager, Sr. Manager of Call Center Operations, and Director of Call Center Operations.

Over the course of his career, Walter gained much experience in call center strategies together with extensive knowledge of transitioning and setting up call center operations in nearshore/offshore locations that led to his employers and clients saving over 70% of costs.

As per him, it’s hard work and taking ownership of the projects as if they were his own that helped him to develop long-lasting relationships, which form the basis of everything he does, both professionally and personally.  With this philosophy and excitement, Walter has taken up the role of the CEO of Titanium BPO Services Inc. in order to help other firms build a more profitable and successful contact center platform.

Serge Roux

Serge Roux is an Ambassador in Sales and Strategy who partners with CEOs and executives to grow their personal and professional brands. After spending nearly a decade working in Sales for multiple companies and startups, Serge knows what truly drives conversions and revenue growth. Serge believes it’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Serge has excelled in growing revenue within the Construction industry. He has increased the demand for specialized construction material in Structural Engineering Firms and has implemented sales strategies that have brought firms a growth of over 8% in revenue.

Serge holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is a Licensed Structural Engineer.

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