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Besides decades of relevant expertise, the Titanium BPO team has an extremely robust due diligence and shortlisting process coupled with many experienced third-party partners to choose from spread across the globe.

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Some of the critical factors that we consider before recommending the Right Outsourcing Partner for your business are:


Outsourcing contact center and back-office support saves your business from huge capital investments required to set up the infrastructure besides reducing the Labor Cost considerably.

Domain Expertise

Third-party BPOs across the globe have a highly experienced workforce. These Subject Matter Experts who have served various companies within an industry or domain come with immense domain knowledge, exposure, and expertise. It’s like finding a trained team for your business that just requires some fine-tuning.

They possess the skill to understand your business purposes and customer expectations and suggest appropriate strategies to bring in efficiency gains with time.


As these centers work as an extension of your team, the training, processes, technologies, expertise etc is transitioned in a well documented and robust manner to ensure the Quality of service is maintained. Infact, due to their domain expertise, the Quality usually improves with time. Titanium BPO shortlists only those centers that have a highly effective Performance Management System.

Information Security

One of the most critical factors that has to be assessed before outsourcing any work is the Data and Information Security. While on one hand the continuously improving technologies available to just about anyone pose a threat, on the other, the continuous advancements help us mitigate these risks. Titanium BPO, depending on the kind of business, suggests partners that not only keep themselves updated with these advancements but also possess certifications like PCI, HIPAA etc.

Talent Pool Availability

Despite many jobs being location agnostic and with the advent of Work-From-Home culture in recent times, it’s extremely critical for outsourcing centers to have a Huge and Relevant talent pool available to them locally. Titanium BPO considers this factor to be extremely critical to ensure Business Continuity.

Some Other Advantages of Outsourcing

24/7 Customer Support

Your customers may need you at any time and at any day of the week, which might be an impossible task for the in-house staff. On the other hand, Titanium BPO helps you provide your customers with 24x7x365 services; this flexibility and improved response time make your customers feel more valued and satisfied.

Focus on core responsibilities

Titanium BPO understands your business in depth and helps you shortlist the tasks and jobs that can be efficiently outsourced to maximize your benefits. This allows your onsite team to focus on core business responsibilities resulting in increased work efficiency and overall productivity.

Time Zone Advantage

Outsourcing work to countries like India, the Philippines, and a few others provides your business with many hours of time-zone advantage daily. Your extended teams sitting in these locations can finish the back-end work of one day and send it back to you before the next business day begins thus providing a quick turnaround to your customers.

Omni-Channel Support

With advancements in technologies, Customers prefer using the Products and Services of companies that provide Support through various channels; phone, email, webchat, mobile chat, etc. Titanium BPO works with Partners that not only have up-to-date technologies and trained personnel to handle those but also the ones who continuously upgrade themselves to provide the best to your customers.

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