The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing


Over the years, influencer marketing has become an ideal channel for brands to promote their products and services. Earlier, only celebrities and few dedicated bloggers promoted the brands as an influencer, but today it is a different game altogether.

When we talk mainly about social media influencers, there are four significant influencers: Mega influencers, Macro influencers, Micro and Nano influencers.

In this editorial, we are mainly going to focus on the Micro-influencers. We bring you an all-inclusive guide that will help you get a fair understanding of how to execute a well-crafted influencer marketing campaign.

But first, who are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are social media users with a small to medium range of dedicated followers, typically 1000 to 10k. This category of influencers have a relatively limited following, but these are all active and engaged set of brand followers.

Micro-influencers are generally popular in their area of interest, and they do pretty well in upholding brand awareness amongst their audiences. This expertise has crucial importance for brands, and they endorse good content comparatively more than that of prominent celebrities. They generally publicize content related to their interest that also happens to advertise the brand they are supposed to promote.

If you want to advertise your brand but have a low budget, micro-influencers are the best choice for your brand’s endorsement. They might have fewer followers, but those followers emerge as religious brand advocates that have the potential to expand your customer base rapidly and effectively.

How? Let’s find out.

How working with micro-influencers can be the best choice for a brand?

Micro-influencers have relatively fewer followers, but those limited followers are the most interesting ones. The product or services that you are promoting can draw their attention. The relationship between micro-influencers and their followers is more vital than that of mega or macro-influencers.

Additionally, micro-influencers respond to the comments or DMs made by their followers, creating higher engagement rates.

Micro-influencers can also turn out to be profitable for your marketing efforts because they are inherently authentic and dedicated to serving their followers. Their content is always almost as good as UGC, or user-generated content that has the potential to go viral at any time without any prior strategy implementation.

The most important advantage of working with micro-influencers is that they are not as haughty as big celebrities. Therefore, a lower budget enhances your ROI giving the adaptability of working with several other influencers. Doing this grows your brand’s recognition among more audiences favoring your business to higher conversion rates.

Lastly, it has been evident that micro-influencer campaigns bring more audiences than other marketing tactics on social media platforms. As micro-influencers are spontaneous enough to interact with the followers, and when followers are responded to, that ultimately attracts them towards the products or services than that of the sponsored posts from other types of influencers.

The leads gained through micro-influencers are more qualified than other leads obtained from alternative promotional strategies.

Suggestions for a powerful micro-influencer marketing strategy

Social media influencers have a pretty big arsenal when it comes to establishing a connection with their audience. But not all these are going to be equally effective. Hence, note the following tips for guaranteeing a positive rate of engagement for a successful outreach campaign.

Find micro-influencers to post your branded content.

Herein, finding an influencer to post means getting an authentic micro-influencer who is active and enthusiastic in posting and updating content more often.

Micro-influencers are already very popular on their respective social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Tok, etc. Therefore, influencers who will frequently post for your brand will be perfectly suitable for your micro-influencer marketing strategy.

Allow your influencers to be creative and authentic in their posts.

The micro-influencers know better about what their followers like. They are familiar with their audience, so doing things according to followers’ liking will significantly promote your brand. Thus, it is essential to allow your influencers tin control their posts by leaving out room for flexibility and innovative ideas.

Do not limit or restrict them; their relationship with their followers is stronger than age-old marketing tactics. Micro-influencers know what the followers love and will work relentlessly to impress their followers.

Use specific-hashtags

In social media marketing, hashtags are the holy grail. Hashtags have the divine power to make your post trending overnight. So, why not use specific hashtags for your product or services?

You can use hashtags as much as you can but make sure it is relevant to your brand. Irrelevant hashtags will adversely affect your brand because they may create a false impression in front of your target audiences. Using specific hashtags can drive sales and spread awareness about the brand without much effort.

Sponsored posts with a blend of story

If you want to attract a massive number of eyeballs to your advertising, it is essential to present your products and services intriguingly. No one will watch your sponsored posts if it’s dull and boring. Creating sponsored posts with an engaging, crisp, and short story can make your brand popular quickly.

Multiple ads have an authentic message that drives the customer’s attention; thus, depicting your posts in a specific entertaining and accurate manner can be beneficial.

Five attributes to consider while choosing a micro-influencer

1. Take a look at their previous content.

While choosing a micro-influencer to promote your brand, it is vital to look at their previous content. By looking at their earlier content, you know how well they can represent your brand. If the engagement rates are high enough to be a decent influencer, your branded content has higher chances of success with its audience.

2. Are they interactive with their followers?

See if they are interactive with their followers or not. Opting for micro-influencers instead of prominent celebrities is a good idea for start-ups and small businesses as these are the local influencers with actual interaction in their community.

If the micro-influencers are not interested in conversing with their followers, then there is no point in choosing them. Ensure the micro-influencers check their comments and DMs (as the interested follower may have the urge to buy or know about your product)

3. Their influence in your niche

Another feature that has to be inspected while choosing micro-influencers for your marketing campaigns is their engagement in your domain. For instance- if you are selling cosmetics, then the influencer must have the competency to reach out to the targeted audience with exceptional influence. Another example will be to look at the engagement with their followers when interacting with them regarding skincare.

4. Their collaboration with other brands

Experience is the best testimony. You can observe the influencer’s collaboration with other companies and figure out the impact. If the effect is positive and genuine, then it is reliable to collaborate with them without a doubt. Their previous collaboration will also give you an idea about their working process. When doing a background check, you can also check if they have worked with your competitors or not. 

5. Are they active?

For promoting a specific brand, it is out and out necessary to post frequently about it. If your micro-influencer is not posting and talking about it, how is it possible to spread awareness among potential customers? Thus, make sure they are active and updating your brand regularly.

Social media influencers on social networking channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, etc., mostly earn quite a decent engagement. Social media channels have been the most supportive medium when we talk about advertising a brand.

Final Thoughts on Micro-Influencer Marketing

In the above guide, we elaborated on how efficient and beneficial a micro-influencer can be for your brand.

They are affordable, compassionate, genuine, and loyal. You have often heard that one must not follow the crowd; instead, one should choose the least crowded path. Thus, this criteria fits well with the micro-influencer as well. The fewer people they have, the more engagement they can create.

It has been estimated, approximately 80% of audiences are likely to buy the things recommended by such micro-influencers. Opting for a micro-influencer can also help you reach out to the hidden audiences which you have missed.

They are more malleable in reaching out to more people as compared to other categories of influencers. By the time micro-influencer marketing campaigns have arisen as the mainstream medium, it is proven that it will shine even more in the future.

To know more about how you can leverage influencer marketing for your business, talk to us today!

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